Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher sales and service

Fire Extinguishers may be hung on walls, in cabinets, or placed on the ground for years and many things can happen to them; Corrosion, accidental discharge, leakage, spiders, damage from forklifts and a host of other events can hurt the operation of an extinguisher.

By law, any extinguisher used in a commercial environment requires routine a maintenance check per year.Placement of Fire Extinguisher should make it easy, accessible, and available in any live environment.


  • Certification / Label / Annual Inspection
  • Sales of new and used
  • Repair
  • Mount
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Surcharge

Fact Your buildings need to have a Fire Extinguisher within 75 ft. of anywhere a person can be.

Why maintenance is important?

During the life time of your Fire Extinguisher:

  • Corrosion
  • Leakage
  • Accidental discharges
  • Damage from falls and accidents

Is the extinguisher fully charged and working properly?

Regular maintenance and inspections of your portable fire extinguishers will provide assurance that they will operate effectively and safely if they are needed. Inspect all extinguishers at least once a month.
*Use the flowing checklist as a guide.
  1. Placement – Is each extinguisher in its designated place, clearly visible and not blocked by equipment, coats or other objects that could interfere with access during an emergency?
  2. Instructions For Use – Is the nameplate with operating instructions legible and facing outward?
  3. Fully Charged – Is the pressure gauge showing that the extinguisher is fully charged (the needle should be in the green zone)?
  4. Fully Sealed – Is the pin and tamper seal intact?
  5. Condition/Age – Is the extinguisher in good condition and showing no signs of physical damage, corrosion, or leakage?
  6. Powder Check – Have all dry powder extinguishers been gently rocked top to bottom to make sure the powder is not packing?

If you did not answer “YES” to all of these questions, have the extinguisher(s) fixed or replaced immediately!