Service your fire extinguisher yearly for safety’s sake

Service your fire extinguisher yearly for safety’s sake. The portable fire extinguishers manufactured after 1984 are made so well you could probably hang them up and forget about them and they would work just fine in case you needed to extinguish a small fire. The reasons to service them yearly are many and all for your safety. Fire extinguishers manufactured 1984 or earlier are no longer serviceable and must be taken out of commercial service. If the extinguisher is used in a business of any kind it must be serviced annually by a certified fire extinguisher technician. Depending on the age of the extinguisher it may need an annual inspection, 6-year inspection, hydro static inspection or may be condemned by a certified fire extinguisher inspector. The Utah State Fire Marshal is charged with the guidance and standards to service and use of portable extinguishers, however the enforcement is by the local fire departments, city inspectors and so on. Your insurance company may require you to exceed the minimum code standards if they feel that more is necessary for the safety of your property, employees, product and customers. Your own loss prevention may require monthly inspections to check for damage, lost pull pins, leaks, broken seals or missing extinguishers. Some fire extinguishers have been recalled or are no longer supported by the manufacture and must be removed from service. Fire safety supplies and safety equipment in a personal residence are not subject to the enforcement but should be checked for all the appropriate dates, recalls and so on for safety’s sake!